Admission Policy

Dunya School exists to serve the educational needs of a diverse international community. Admission is open to all students who seek a challenging, international, university preparatory education and exhibit respectful, responsible behavior.

Dunya School is an English-medium international school enrolling students from Grade K through Grade 11. New students are not admitted to Grade 11.

Applicants who successfully pass our entrance criteria are placed within our program if we have a place available.

Students applying to Grade 1 are selected through interviews. Students applying to Grades 2 through 11 are assessed through entrance exams.

Dunya School enrolls only students whose educational needs can be met by the School.

Students who meet the admissions criteria, but for whom a place is not yet available, will be placed on a waiting list. When a place becomes available they will be considered for the vacancy along with others on the waiting list in accordance with school-approved criteria.

It is important that you provide contact numbers and email addresses on the registration form where we can be sure of reaching you.


Students joining the Dunya School are placed according to age and Azerbaijani Ministry of Education equivalency letter. Grade 1 students must turn 6 by December 31 of the current academic year; for older students, grade levels are assigned accordingly. Those who come from schools with British Curriculum are placed according to their ages, i.e. a 6-year-old Year 2 student of British Curriculum is a Grade 1 student at Dunya School, according to his age.


For students with any type of educational or behavioral difficulty, parents will need to provide complete documentation of their child’s academic history, psychological/educational evaluations, and details of extra academic/specialist support they have had or are currently receiving. Parents will also grant permission for Dunya School to contact previous schools or professionals involved with the child in order to provide details relevant to the child’s education and well-being. Once the application information is complete, the Admissions Team will evaluate the application and decide if the school can accommodate the student.

Please note that whilst we do our best to accommodate all students regardless of their level of need, there are some limitations to the service and capacity that we are able to provide. For students with particular physical or learning needs, we review each application individually to assess whether we are able to provide a placement in our school. In order to enable us to fully assess whether children are able to benefit from Dunya School education, we require full details regarding their needs. Please refer to the section, “Sharing information regarding additional needs”.

Following an investigation, if there is sufficient evidence that the school is unable to provide an education that will meet the academic/behavioral/ Special Educational needs of the child, we may refuse entry.

Parents/ Guardians must be aware that failure to disclose information or providing inaccurate information will jeopardize their child’s school placement.